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Author: zerogravitylab

Dialogue Understanding

In the past few months at Zero Gravity Labs, we have been exploring a variety of text mining methods in the context of dialogue understanding. For these experiments, we obtained and exploited hundreds of thousands of chat transcripts collected in our call center.   Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) is a widely used generative statistical model that is able to discover the main topics discussed in a collection...

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Google Home

From No Usage (When I Ruled The Thermostat)   I’m nerdy, lets just get that out of the way. One of the things that I was most excited by when I got a house was the fact that I could put in a Nest thermostat and turn it into a smart home. Oh how I enjoyed checking the temperature a hundred times a day. Then we added an indoor...

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Bike Share

Dropbike is a new bike sharing service that recently debuted in Toronto and I believe it has huge potential to yet again change the way we live and commute in major metropolises.   Unlike most traditional bike share services, Dropbike does not require the bikes to be returned to docking stations. True to the sharing economy that has been driven by companies like AirBnB, as Dropbike puts...

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Fist Bump

It was always important to Sansom (my business partner) and I that at Zero Gravity Labs we place an intense emphasis on culture and that we try to be purposeful about how it emerged. I knew that we would create an environment where we valued diversity, where we put emphasis on growing the skills and knowledge of our team and one where we mixed great work with the...

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Sansom Lee

As a founding member of Zero Gravity Labs and as the Chief Scientist, Sansom Lee plays a pivotal role in setting the long term vision and strategy for ZGL as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of experimentation. He is a recognized leader at LoyaltyOne, has a passion for developing bright, up and coming talent and is a sought after conference/meet-up speaker. Sansom also is...

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We’ve been taking a closer look at Azure for recent experiments at Zero Gravity Labs. While there are differences from the familiar AWS, I’m finding the Aure Data Lake REST API is a breeze to work with. In this blog post I’ll share a quick example in R.   Use Case We have a preprocessing job where the data set is relatively small (a few million ndjson records)....

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– Experimenting is about searching for (new) value. Innovating is about creating value, where you take the outputs of the learning from experiments and convert them into ‘outcomes’. And, Scaling is all about systemizing value for yourself, your customers and ecosystem.
(Zevae) M. Zaheer

Competing Against Traditional Competitors Is Not Enough   As the Millennial consumer has increasingly become "the" voice of the consumer that so many companies covet, I think many of these same companies have missed a key fact. As customer engagement becomes mobile-first, no matter what your company or what your vertical, if you only compete against companies in the same vertical you are not thinking big enough.   You of course still compete against...

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Given how much we are using artificial intelligence at Zero Gravity Labs, for the past month I’ve been using a virtual AI assistant to help me schedule meetings and organize my calendar. After moving ZGL outside of the corporate environment we decided to move off of Office 365 and move our team to GSuite and while we’re loving the Google services it has moved us...

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Sachin Blog Post

My co-op position at Zero Gravity Labs was my first ever co-op placement. I had no idea what to expect and I was kind of nervous to start. I was one of two co-ops that got hired to be part of ZGL. On the first day everyone was very friendly and welcoming which made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to be myself.   My first...

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